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The Caudle Center Medical Spa is a state of the art medical spa facility located in Johnson City, TN, that offers a broad range of procedures and treatments specified to benefit every individual. Dr. Scott Caudle opened The Caudle Center Medical Spa as a locally owned business to enhance the aesthetic and cosmetic needs of the East Tennessee area, offering the latest and most guaranteed technology available. The staff of The Caudle Center Medical Spa maintains a continuing education mindset to stay up to date and knowledgeable in the aesthetic and cosmetic needs of the area, to better guarantee those desired results sought by our clients.

As a full service medical spa, The Caudle Center of Johnson City, TN offers cosmetic and aesthetic procedures performed at unique specifications to the individual client. We offer a variety of perspectives involving overall health and wellness, ranging from everyday physician grade skin care and daily use products, to health and wellness appointments geared towards aiding those in need of weight loss or bio identical hormone replacement therapy. The Caudle Center Medical Spa also offers more stringent procedures for those who desire more ‘immediate’ results and otherwise harder to combat aesthetic needs that range from non invasive, (ablative and non-ablative) laser services that can correct just about any undesirable concern, while also offering invasive same day surgery options. Dr. Scott Caudle also offers revolutionary Stem Cell Therapy for those in need, and who otherwise may feel like every other option has been unsuccessful in giving them the quality of life they desire.

With in-house payment options and financing options available, The Caudle Center Medical Spa of Johnson City, TN has options and opportunities available to just about anyone who desires the personal decision to enhance and/or alter their areas of concern. Schedule your Consultation today, and get started on your path towards a healthier, happier you.

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