At The Caudle Center Medical Spa in Johnson City TN, Dr. Caudle and his team offer a wide range of cosmetic procedures. Dr. Caudle has chosen these treatment options because he likes that they are less invasive than other cosmetic procedures, customizable to give personalized, natural results, and prioritize patient safety and comfort.

If you have areas of your face or body that you’re considering cosmetic work on, come talk to us. We’d be happy to explain our treatment options, and how we can help you achieve your goals of smoother skin, more even skin tone, or a slimmer tummy.


What our patients say

“The staff made me feel very comfortable and really cared about how I felt during the procedure. I will definitely be returning for another appointment.”

“I love the Caudle Center. Staff there are amazing. I had a procedure done a few weeks ago and I am sooo happy with my results and plan on receiving more services in the future. I love that they have in house financing to make it easier for us to get whatever service without it costing a fortune. Very happy with the care I received and highly recommend the Caudle Center to everyone.”

“I have had wonderful experience with the Caudle Center. They have worked with me and do a fabulous job. I think anyone should visit this center and especially Dr. Caudle.”

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