As our bodies age, the lack of collagen production creates an optimal atmosphere for stretch marks, wrinkles, scars and uneven skin tone to form and become more prevalent. Microneedling encourages collagen production in the skin, which helps prevent and even reverse their formation. The technique of microneedling has been shown to increase the remolding of the skin by creating thousands of microscopic channels through the skin, to increase the formation of new tissue by activating the body’s wound healing cascade (homeostasis-inflammation-proliferation-tissue remodeling). The micro-channeling causes the release of growth factors that promote scar-less healing and the deposition of normal woven collagen rather than scar collagen. Microneedling takes six weeks for collagen synthesis and about six months for the full effect of the treatments to show.

The Caudle Center medical spa utilizes infusion of a variety of serums and collagen enhancing products to amplify the already significant results produced through microneedling. With this non-invasive treatment that has virtually no downtime, our providers at The Caudle Center Medical Spa can help you transform any visible and even deeper damage. Results from out SkinPen microneedling treatment can be seen in as little as 1-2 days after, with continuing effects lasting well over 6+ months. Our adjustable tip is suitable and individualized for every patient and their specific skin care needs.

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