Waxing is a temporary form of hair removal and is to be maintained every four to six weeks for smooth, hair-free skin. Depending on the area of the body, hard or soft wax is used to provide the best results for your specific needs. Hard wax (or strip-less wax) does not require a strip to be removed from the skin, and is best suited for the more sensitive areas of the body- such as the underarm and bikini area. Soft wax (strip wax) uses a muslin strip to remove the wax from the body, and is used for the larger areas- such as the back, legs and arms.

Before Scheduling an Appointment:
To ensure the best outcome of your waxing treatment, please make sure your hair is at least ¼- ½ inch in length. If your hair is longer than these measurements, the hair will break off at the surface of the skin, as opposed to being completely removed with the hair follicle intact. Also, if your hair is too short, the wax will not be able to adhere to the hair correctly for effective hair removal.


  • Back: $60-$100
  • Bikini: $40-$80
  • Brazilian: $85-$115
  • Chest: $60-$80
  • Chin: $15-$35
  • Eyebrow: $15-$20
  • Face and Neck: $40-$60


  • Half Face: $20-$50
  • Full Arm (both arms): $45-$60
  • Half Arm (both arms): $25-$50
  • Full Leg (both legs): $55-$100
  • Partial Leg Only (both legs): $40-$60
  • Upper Lip: $15-$20
  • Underarm: $20-$50

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