At The Caudle Center Medical center we utilize the Lumecca, the Enlighten (see Tattoo Removal), the Excel V, skin peels (see Skin Peels) , facials (see Facials), and an individualized skin care regimen (see Beauty Essentials) to correct Pigmentation Correction issues on the face and body.
Lumecca is the most powerful intense pulsed light (IPL) to treat pigmented and some vascular lesions. An added plus is that after use, patients notice significant improvements in the complexion and clarity of the skin. Lumecca operates using photothermolysis, which provides a photofacial through the delivery of a comfortable light treatment.

Benefits of Lumecca

  • Lumecca improves the appearance of the skin including:
  • Age spots (red/brown pigmentations)
  • Sun damage
  • Rosacea (redness)
  • Freckles

Lumecca™ How it Works

Lumecca can be used on all areas of the body. The most common areas of treatment often include the face, neck, decolletage, legs, hands and arms, or areas that are regularly exposed to the sun.
During treatment there will be a bright flash of light from the Lumecca that feels like a light elastic sensation. Redness and a slight warming of the skin are normal after treatment and will usually subside within an hour. Over the next 24-48 hours you may see a darkening of pigmented spots; in the week afterwards the pigmented lesions flake off, leading to an evening out of skin tone.

FAQs about pigmentation correction

Avoid direct, excessive sun exposure or tanning one month prior to treatment.

An improved skin appearance can be noted after the first session, with multiple sessions providing even better results. A proper treatment plan will be determined during your free consultation, with the amount of treatments depending on the severity of skin damage, type of treatment, and energy settings used during each treatment.

Sun damage and skin complexion results can be seen a few days after the first session. The skin will continue to look younger and more brilliant over time with most visible results after 1-2 weeks. Having multiple photofacial sessions will improve the final result.

Most patients do not experience any side effects, with any skin reaction usually resolving within a few hours. Patients may find they are sensitive to sunlight immediately after treatment. It is recommended to avoid direct sunlight and to use sunscreen daily on the treated areas.

Depending on the area and the amount of treatments needed to provide the desired outcome, the cost ranges from $250+. Our consultation is complimentary and will include a complete description and understanding of expected fees and results.

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