Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is the science of returning your body’s hormones to optimal levels. As a result in the decline in hormone levels, unfavorable symptoms may appear in both men and women such as fatigue, mood swings, excessive sweating, decreased libido and many more. These symptoms may present as a part of the natural aging process, genetics, or as a result of certain disease processes. The medical providers at The Caudle Center medical spa can address these symptoms with medications that closely mimic your body’s own naturally occurring hormones. Our providers specialize in using the most current recommendations, testing, and medications to manage your imbalance.

Optimal success is achieved by careful testing and analysis of the following:

  • Hormone levels and symptoms
  • Review and disclosure of any current disease processes
  • Family history
  • Your personal goals

After evaluation, appropriate medication can be prescribed and closely monitored for necessary changes.

Recent medical research has proven that prudent use of these medications can improve your quality of life by relieving undesired symptoms and potentially slow the progression of certain diseases that feed off the imbalance of your hormones.


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General Hormone Replacement Information

  • There have been numerous studies to prove the benefits when used in specific situations and under the careful watch of your provider
  • Not just used to treat general symptoms of menopause
  • Bio-identical hormones are molecularly similar to the hormones produced by your body
  • Compounded hormones are more easily accessible, less expensive, can be adjusted to your individual needs and are not restricted to manufacturers doses
  • Signs and symptoms can sometimes be used to guide the process of  prescribing hormones, however, lab analysis is used for the most accurate assessment and provides tangible values to base decision-making
  • Although some symptoms and problems are relieved quickly with replacement of deficient hormones, over time the replaced hormones  may provide protection from other diseases that can potentially arise from hormonal imbalance
  • There are many options for delivery of hormones including patches, creams, pills, and injections
  • Hormones are used in your body by most organ systems and daily function, they are not only to mitigate hot flashes or decreased libido
    Optimal hormone balance is a major factor in quality of life


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