For women interested in breast augmentation, Dr. Scott Caudle of The Caudle Center Medical Spa in Johnson City TN offers an option other than traditional implants and invasive surgery options. In order to create a viable atmosphere for the injected harvested and prepared patient derived stem cells, the patient must first utilize a special bra for a few weeks prior. This specialized bra creates an adequate matrix for the injected fat/stem cell transfer by placing a gentle amount of tension on the breasts, and when sustained, the result is an expansion of the tissue to create a larger fertile matrix for the injected transfer to survive. This more natural approach to breast enhancement utilizes the body’s own materials to create an enhanced breast tissue that looks and feels more natural, and has virtually no downtime in comparison to surgical breast augmentations and implants. Dr. Caudle will perform a full evaluation to consider each individual’s case as to their likelihood of success during the patient consultation.

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