A non –surgical facelift with little downtime and no adverse reactions? Seems unreal; But Dr. Scott Caudle of The Caudle Center Medical Spa has a revolutionary way to make this happen. By utilizing the stem cell therapy, using the derived and prepared stem cells, the patient can get a natural and radiantly healthy facelift by having their own stem cells injected into their facial area. Besides the benefits of fillers and Botox, utilizing this form of cell assisted facelift will create a younger look with continued improvements over the next two years. Dr. Caudle can restore your skin quality, restore lost facial volume, plump your lips and cheeks, remove wrinkles, crow’s feet, dark under eye circles, age spots, and frown lines, naturally! This outpatient procedure allows for a discrete fix at a more affordable cost than a traditional facelift or dermal filler maintenance. This form of stem cell therapy can be applied to the hands, neck, and décolleté. Dr. Caudle will perform a full evaluation to consider each individual’s case as to their likelihood of success during the patient consultation.

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