Dr. Scott Caudle of The Caudle Center Medical Spa in Johnson City TN utilizes a minimally invasive procedure that involves reintroducing the harvested and prepared adult stem cells back into the ailing patient, providing the pathway for these newly introduced cells to target the damaged lung tissue, potentially leading to improved lung function. This focused outpatient procedure will provide life changing results by simply allowing our patients to breathe with more confident ease.

When treating any pulmonary condition, Dr Scott Caudle stimulates the harvested stem cells, which will in turn cause a significant multiplication of the naturally derived patient specific growth factors. After the isolation and preparation process is complete, the cells will be returned directly back into the patient via intravenously or by a nebulizer. After reintroducing the revamped stem cells, new lung tissue will begin to be regenerated as the stem cells continuously replicate, creating an overall improvement in the patients total lung function. Dr. Caudle will perform a full evaluation to consider each individual’s case as to their likelihood of success during the patient consultation.

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